Features & Capabilities

2 x 7 inch Pressure Sensitive Labels

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3 x 7 inch Pressure Sensitive Labels

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5 x 7 inch Pressure Sensitive Labels

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5x7 clear

5 x 7 Clear Label

Private Label Customization

12oz Wave Bottles

  • Private Label Customization
  • Cut and Stack Labels
  • Up to 4 Colors

16.9oz Elite Bottles

  • Private Label Customization
  • Pressure Sensitive Labels
  • Up to 8 Colors
  • Flexo & Digital Printing

Bottle Sizes

100% Recyclable Plastic

12oz bottle

12oz Wave

16oz bottle

16.9oz Elite Bullet

Flat Caps

12oz & 16.9oz bottles

flat cap clear


flat cap black


flat cap blue


flat cap red


flat cap cray blue

Cray Blue

Sports Caps

16.9oz bottles only

sport cap white white


sport cap blue white


sport cap red white


  • Label Customization for Flavored Spring Water Beverages & Teas
  • Tray & Shrink Packaging
  • Full-scale Cold Fill Packaging
  • Auto-order Options Available
  • Bulk Pricing Available. Contact for Details.
  • 12oz Bottles: 24-pack, 84 or 96 cases per pallet
  • 16.9oz Bottles: 24-pack, 60 cases per pallet
  • Mixed Pallets Available for Flavored Beverages

Why Do You Need Private Label Bottled Water?

private label bottled water
Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Don’t suffer from limited exposure. Let your current & potential customers leave with a small but creative reminder of your brand.
Build Your Brand, Not Theirs
Why are you selling someone else’s brand when you could be selling a better quality product that is customizable to fit your needs?
Saturate the Market with Good Will
Keep your business visible by donating your custom bottled water to sports teams, schools, festivals & other functions.
Show Your Pride
Whether you're supporting a school, team or company, custom labels promote a feeling of unity both onsite & within the community.
Project Professionalism
Bottling your brand shows that you pay attention to the smallest detail, and that may just make the difference between you & your competitor.
Sponsor Your Label Space
Working with a tight budget? Our labels can be used as advertising space. Promote your brand and generate revenue all at once!